Eco-Friendly HVAC Boost: New LG Scroll Compressor Line

LG Electronics is thrilled to share the exciting news about the inauguration of a brand-new assembly line for LG scroll compressors at its Monterrey facility in Mexico. This addition marks a significant boost to LG’s scroll compressor production capabilities, allowing us to roll out more of our acclaimed and environmentally friendly solutions. Not only does this reinforce our commitment to sustainable practices, but it also streamlines our supply chain for better service to our valued customers across North America.

Choosing Mexico as the production hub is a strategic move, especially considering the challenges faced by many U.S. HVAC manufacturers due to increasing logistical hurdles. By establishing this production line in Monterrey, LG strategically places its scroll compressor production closer to key North American markets. This decision is aimed at creating a more efficient production and logistics system, ensuring that LG can promptly meet regional demands and mitigate the impact of factors like logistical issues on our customers.

LG’s scroll compressors are integral to our Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) components business. At the AHR Expo 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, we proudly showcased our cutting-edge Gen 3 Scroll Compressors. These energy-efficient marvels are designed for residential air conditioners and heat pumps, as well as large-capacity scroll compressors catering to commercial system air conditioning.

The Gen 3 Scroll Compressors embody LG’s ongoing commitment to HVAC innovation and sustainability. In anticipation of the 2025 refrigerant regulations and aligning with our dedication to the environment, these compressors utilize low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants. With GWPs measuring less than 700, significantly lower than the 2,088 GWP of R410A, our refrigerants easily comply with the latest eco-focused standards. Moreover, the design of the Gen 3 Scroll Compressors ensures adherence to the latest efficiency standards by minimizing energy waste and heat loss.

Kim Yang-sun, the head of the Component Solution Business Unit at LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company, expressed excitement about the new production line. According to Kim, “The state-of-the-art facility in Mexico will not only enable us to produce more eco-conscious scroll compressors but also strengthen our ability to serve the North American market. LG remains committed to delivering advanced technologies and components to meet the diverse needs of our global customers.” Get ready for more innovative and sustainable HVAC solutions from LG!

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