Soundcheck at BLUE 20th Anniversary Heart and Soul Tour

BLUE 20th Anniversary Heart and Soul Tour

After an entire week of uncontrollable excitement, I can finally sit down and recount the mind-blowing experience of being part of the soundcheck for BLUE’s 20th Anniversary Heart and Soul Tour in Kuala Lumpur. Believe me when I say, those four stunning men looked even better up close! Let the typing commence on my trusty Mac as I relive the exhilaration.

As someone whose life revolves around music, I practically grew up with melodies in my ears and lyrics in my brain. I mean, seriously, the music never stops playing in my head unless I drift off to dreamland. So, it’s safe to say that music is my ultimate passion. Attending concerts? Oh, you bet that’s my jam! Since my elementary school days, I’ve been rocking out at concerts, starting with the Backstreet Boys’ epic debut at Sungei Wang Plaza. Ah, the memories. But don’t even think about asking my age—let’s keep that a mystery, shall we?

Among the solo singers, boy groups, girl groups, and bands that filled my tween and teen years, BLUE always held a special place in my heart. Sure, their music might be quite distinct from my all-time favorite boyband, the Backstreet Boys, but that’s precisely what makes them unique. Their songs have this relaxing, easygoing vibe that simply captures my soul. Their beats are catchy and simple, yet incredibly captivating to my ears.

So when BLUE announced their Heart and Soul Tour, celebrating their latest album, I was over the moon! But hold on a second—20th Anniversary? How on earth did that happen? Time truly flies, my friends. It feels like just yesterday when “Breathe Easy,” one of my all-time favorites, made its debut on MTV. I remember being instantly hooked by the heartfelt lyrics. And now, reality hits hard—the song is already 23 years old! Can you believe it?

Without a second thought, I swiftly secured our Diamond tickets for the BLUE 20th Anniversary Heart and Soul Tour in Kuala Lumpur on the 10th of February. I couldn’t pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. My hubby and I were ready to rock out!

BLUE Soundcheck Contest and Win

Thanks to Hitman Solutions and HappyMoon Live, BLUE’s Heart and Soul Tour came to life in Malaysia. When Hitman Solutions announced a contest to join BLUE’s soundcheck session, my excitement reached new heights. Participants had to creatively showcase their #20YearsChallenge. While I felt my entry paled in comparison to others, destiny smiled upon us, and both my hubby and I managed to snag those coveted soundcheck tickets. Talk about being #blessed!

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The soundcheck session with BLUE was scheduled for 4 o’clock on that fateful Friday. The winners, including ourselves, gathered eagerly at the Plenary Hall, Level 1, KLCC Convention Centre after registering. But alas, 4 o’clock turned into 4:30, and there was still no sign of the doors opening. By 5 o’clock, we were all growing a tad impatient, eager to catch a glimpse of the boys and experience their soundcheck.

BLUE 20th Anniversary Heart and Soul Tour in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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As it turned out, the guys had just arrived a few hours prior from their performance in Singapore the previous night. Understandably, they were a bit tired, but even so, they greeted us with warmth and friendliness, engaging in small talk with the excited crowd after completing their soundchecks. Duncan even apologized for oversleeping for two hours, causing the slight delay. But fret not—they hurried off for their Meet & Greet session with the lucky VIP ticket holders.

Whew! Their schedule seemed rather hectic. Maybe they should consider taking it easy, especially considering they’re not exactly in their twenties anymore. Oops!

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Nonetheless, despite the soundcheck session being shorter than anticipated, my hubby and I left the hall beaming with happiness, brimming with anticipation for the concert later that evening. It was an incredible experience, one that we’ll cherish forever. And let me tell you, having Lee Ryan right in front of me was a dream come true! inner scream Needless to say, he was my absolute favorite among the talented quartet!

Now, I’m hoping and praying that this year turns out to be absolutely amazing—both in terms of my hobbies and career. Fingers crossed for some incredible adventures and opportunities coming my way!

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