Calling All Popheads and Collectoholics: Sheldonet Grand Opening in Quill City Mall is EPIC!

Guess what? My awesome partner-in-crime (Monsieur, I call him!) surprised me with a trip to Quill City Mall yesterday (Saturday). Now, let me tell you, the week had been pure mayhem – with the felines having their routine medical check-ups and a few furniture shuffles that left me incredibly beat. So, imagine my surprise when Monsieur revealed our destination: the Grand Opening of the Sheldonet Collectible Store!

Hold up! Are you a Funko Pop! fanatic or a general toy enthusiast? Then you must’ve heard of Sheldonet at one point, the kingpins of Funko Pop! in Malaysia. They’ve been rocking the scene for years, and lately, they’ve been leveling up by bringing in a ton of awesome collectibles from around the world. They even have my kryptonite: Loungefly bags (swoon!).

But what makes this Sheldonet store different from the other Sheldonet stores? Buckle up, because this is next-level and dwarfs their other stores in Malaysia. We’re talking TEN TIMES the size of their Midvalley Megamall store! That’s a whole lotta collectible heaven crammed into one place.

And here’s the best part: there are over 30,000 Funko Pops! waiting to be adopted by loving homes here. But wait, there’s more! The store also boasts fantastic selections from other big names like China’s 52 Toys, Taiwan’s Beast Kingdom, Hong Kong’s Urdu, Enesco, and many more. It’s a collector’s dream come true.

Calling all superhero fans! Whether you’re Team Marvel or Team DC, get ready to be spoiled for choice. Same goes for Star Wars and Disney fanatics – good luck picking just one Pop! or collectible because let’s be honest, they’re ALL amazing. Anime lovers, rejoice! From Spy x Family to Jujutsu Kaisen, the variety is mind-blowing. And of course, yours truly couldn’t resist a little Harry Potter merch! Honestly, I was probably more excited than my Monsieur at that point!

Sheldonet’s Grand Opening wasn’t just about browsing – it was a full-on experience! They had a photo-op contest with prizes, and you could even win goodies by collecting stamps from different zones within the store. Let’s just say, Monsieur and I had a blast snapping pics and walking away with some cute loot.

So, listen up, toy aficionados and Funko fanatics! It is in my honest opinion that this should be your new must-visit spot in KL. Getting to Quill City Mall is a breeze – hop on the Monorail (Bukit Nenas station), hail a ride, or drive down. The huge store is the perfect place for collectors to connect and geek out. Don’t worry, the staffs here are more than welcomed to have you over! Even if you’re not a hardcore collector, it would be a fun family outing. After all, it’s never too late to pick up a new hobby or introduce the little ones to the world of collecting! And hey, if all that exploring leaves you parched, there’s a handy 7-Eleven inside for a quick recharge.

I’ll see you at Sheldonet Collectible Store, fellow toy lovers! It’s gonna be legendary!

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