AI Art Revolution: Stephanie Dinkins’ LG Guggenheim Showcase

Stephanie Dinkins recently wowed the audience with a sneak peek into her cutting-edge AI artworks at the ‘Late Shift x Stephanie Dinkins’ event at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York City. As the first-ever winner of the 2023 LG Guggenheim Award, recognizing trailblazing artists in technology-based art, and a spot on Time magazine’s list of the 100 Most Influential People in AI, Dinkins is making waves in the art world.

Dinkins is on a mission to demystify AI and make it more inclusive. She challenges us to ponder, “What does AI require from us?” emphasizing the need for AI to embrace diverse perspectives. Her work sheds light on the tendency of AI to adopt a mainstream mindset, potentially sidelining those existing in society’s gray areas. Through her thought-provoking AI-art interactions, Dinkins strives to bridge the gap between art and technology, advocating for positive societal changes.

During the Guggenheim event, Dinkins showcased three evolving projects – ‘Not the Only One Avatar image 2023 brain (N’TOO),’ ‘The Stories We Tell Our Machines,’ and ‘WisdomBot.’ These works utilize LG OLED screens to engage audiences in shaping AI’s social values, emphasizing care and attentiveness. Dinkins underscores that everyone has a role in influencing how AI perceives the world.

The ongoing theme of the ‘LG Guggenheim Art and Technology Initiative’ explores the synergy between art and technology, where each propels the other into uncharted territories. Dinkins’ presentation aligns seamlessly with LG Electronics’ recent declaration at CES 2024, naming AI as the focal point for the year and redefining it as ‘Affectionate Intelligence.’

LG and Guggenheim are collaborating to support more artists at the intersection of art and technology. Dinkins, having been the first recipient of the LG Guggenheim Award, continues to be a pivotal figure in this five-year initiative designed to research, honor, and promote artists pioneering at this intersection.

Stephanie Dinkins shared her excitement about transforming the Guggenheim’s rotunda into a machine learning laboratory, unveiling works in progress that emphasize the crucial role of diverse ideas, wisdom, cultural touchpoints, and stories in shaping AI systems.

At the event, Noam Segal, LG Electronics Associate Curator, highlighted the audience’s contributions to AI interactions as ‘Data Gifts.’ These valuable contributions help enrich AI learning datasets by filling gaps in information, historical knowledge, or intricate concepts.

Kate Oh, Vice President of the Brand Communication Division at the LG Home Entertainment Company, expressed LG Electronics’ belief in technology inspiring art. LG OLED, featured prominently in these artworks, serves as a tool inspiring artists to pioneer new paths and reach for boundless expression.

LG and the Guggenheim Museum are dedicated to identifying and celebrating artists pushing the boundaries of technology-based art. To keep up with this exciting journey, visit LG’s official website for the LG Guggenheim Art and Technology Initiative.

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