‘The World of Tim Burton’ Debuts In Malaysia

The World of Tim Burton, Pavilion Bukit Jalil
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If you are a movie buff, or at least follow the entertainment scene, the name Tim Burton would certainly not be foreign to you. Art and film enthusiasts would definitely appreciate that The World of Tim Burton was brought to our shores. Organized and presented by Toybox Projects Sdn. Bhd., the world-renowned pop-up museum was meant to bring greater awareness to Malaysia and Malaysian tourism through entertainment by drawing in Tim Burton’s fans and enthusiasts locally and internationally.

‘The World of Tim Burton’ at Pavilion Bukit Jalil

The World of Tim Burton has visited many prominent countries across the globe since its debut in 2009. Some of the countries include China, South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, Mexico, Belgium, Prague, and more. It was certainly a blessing that in 2023, Malaysia became the only South East Asian country to be graced by the brilliant works of Mr Tim Burton.

Alas, it was not an easy feat for Toybox Projects Sdn. Bhd. to bring the pop-up museum to Malaysia. It involved hard work and a lot of investment, negotiation, planning, and execution for such a world-class event.

On 20th March 2023, the Gala Premier of The World of Tim Burton was held at Pavilion Bukit Jalil. Many guests of honour and VIPs were welcomed in the evening, including YB Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture (MOTAC); Ms Yuri Aizawa, President & Chief Executive Officer of Toybox Projects Sdn. Bhd.; Mr Wim Reijin, Co-Owner & Director, Euro Asian Entertainment Consultants (EEC); Ms Brandie Pomfret, Collection & Exhibition Manager, Tim Burton Productions, and many more.

From Left to Right;
Rika Adrina, FlyFM DJ; Mr. Adam Ham, Chief Executive Officer of Global Creative Media Agency (GCMA); Mr. Wim Reijin, Co-Owner & Director, Euro Asian Entertainment Consultants (EEC); Ms. Sadie Doherty, Merchandise & Collections Specialist, Tim Burton Productions; Ms. Brandie Pomfret, Collection & Exhibition Manager, Tim Burton Productions; Ms. Yuri Aizawa, President & CEO of Toybox Projects Sdn. Bhd; Ms. Tan Lai Yan, CEO & Founder of Onecare Wellness; Mr. Tomohito Esaka, Finance Director of Toybox Projects Sdn. Bhd; Ms. Kung Suan Ai, Director of Marketing, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur; Hana Teo, 8FM DJ

According to Ms Yuri Aizawa, Toybox Projects Sdn. Bhd. decided to organise and present The World of Tim Burton to Malaysia not only because she felt that the country loved Tim Burton’s popularity, creativity, and iconic style but also because she hoped it could help influence the Malaysian creative industry and also expand the local market.

YB Khairul Firdaus, Deputy Minister of Tourism, Arts & Culture

YB Khairul Firdaus Akbar Khan seems to agree with Ms Yuri Aizawa’s statement and added, “We are honoured to be the only Southeast Asian country to play host to this world-class pop-up museum. This speaks volumes about Malaysia’s excellent creative sector and I am positive that this will definitely inspire and invigorate current and aspiring filmmakers, artists, and creatives to showcase what our Malaysia Truly Asia has to offer.”

Tim Burton’s ‘The World of Tim Burton’ Masterclass In Kuala Lumpur Postponed and Meet & Greet Cancelled Due to Covid-19

Tim Burton was scheduled to arrive in Kuala Lumpur and meet with enthusiastic fans who had purchased his VIP Bundle tickets on the 21st of March. However, sadly, he had been tested positive Covid-19 and had to undergo necessary quarantine in accordance to the Covid-19 guidelines.

Due to this sad news, Tim Burton had to postpone the Masterclass in Kuala Lumpur to a virtual Masterclass that will be held on the 14th of April 2023. At the same time, the Meet & Greet for the lucky 100 VIP Bundle purchasers will be cancelled. It is said that the company would compensate something equally as memorable for VIP Bundle purchases. However, more details will be updated on the official Toybox Projects social media accounts.

Check Out ‘The World of Tim Burton’ Yourself!

If you are a fan of Tim Burton’s work, it would be a great miss to not go to the pop-up museum and immerse yourself in the creativity – or some might say insanity – of the man himself. However, even if you’re not a fan of his work, it would still be a great experience to enter and check out the pop-up museum for yourself. It is not every day that you could check out one of the world’s most valued filmmaker’s work up-close.

The World of Tim Burton will be open to the public from 21st March to 30th July 2023. The pop-up museum is located at Level 2, Pink Zone, Pavilion Bukit Jalil. Tickets can be purchased online here or at the entrance of the exhibit.

Tickets are priced at:
RM88 (adults);
RM68 (children and senior citizens);
RM48 (OKU)
RM498 (season pass - multiple entries to the exhibit)
RM1,500 (VIP Bundle - includes a season pass, a master pass to the virtual Tim Burton's Masterclass), The Art of Tim Burton book, The World of Tim Burton cookies, The World of Tim Burton tote bag, and special signed merchandise)

The World of Tim Burton was organised and presented by Toybox Projects Sdn. Bhd. in collaboration with Tim Burton Productions and partnered with Eurasian Entertainment Consultants Ltd (EEC) and KOL Nation together with Onecare Wellness™ as the main sponsor and event partners.

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